Visual Studio 2017 With PHP Tools

This past Friday I was busy writing up some instructions for another employee¬†when I realized that Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition was no longer the defacto download version available on Microsoft’s website.

Low and behold, Visual Studio 2017 is upon us and I’m happy to report that the latest version of PHP Tools works wonderfully with the latest offering from our sisters and brothers in the Redmond offices.

In the past I spent a lot of time writing C# or C++ code for various web and desktop projects, but lately I’ve found myself working with PHP and I’ve found PHP Tools for Visual Studio to be an indispensable addition to my tool set.Code completion, intellisense, and quick and easy access to an entire site’s file structure are just some of the benefits to marrying an IDE as powerful as Visual Studio with a language such as PHP.

I intend to go deeper into reviewing this setup. I did just install the two pieces of software a few days ago so I am bound to come up with lots to say (both good and bad). I’ll link to this article when that happens.

Happy coding!

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