Fate Of The Furious Micro Review

10 minutes in and I can tell this movie has already fallen flat. The Rock is delivering a believable dose of soccer coach hysterics, but it isn’t enough.

From the start The Fate Of The Furious is a huge let down. Don’t get me wrong; like any self-respecting car enthusiast and as a big fan of the earlier films, I am compelled to want to like this film. But that’s where it ends. I am compelled. I am not, however, convinced.

I pride myself on being a half-way decent film buff and cinema connoisseur, but this drivel is just embarrassingly too lowbrow for me, even while watching it from the perspective of wanting to see cars driving fast.

I am one to give things a second chance and I imagine I will do the same with this entry in one of my favourite franchises. But I am still not convinced.

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Post Author: Ryan Covert

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